Dear Bride & Groom,

Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning your wedding is the most exciting and important day of your life and it stands to reason that you would want it captured beautifully. 

That's where I come in.

Why Choose Me

I'm a professional photographer with over 10 years experience; covering the weddings of everyone from family to celebrities. 

My job is to ensure that I capture the essence of your day in the best possible way; giving you photos that will last as an eternal memory.

The Shots I'll Capture

I could list 50 different shots like "Bride's parents whispering to each other" but this can create a stressful environment so it's best to focus on a handful of moments that are truly important and let the rest flow naturally. 

In the consultation, we'll go through a list of standard and known wedding shots and you can tell me what moments are important. 

Again, the primary focus will go on those to make sure we get them right.
The rest of the time I'll be getting organic shots. 

This is far more interesting because your Wedding feels like a wedding and not a staged photoshoot. 

The Morning After

Once the dust has settled and your hangovers have started kicking in, I'll be editing those special moments for you. 

I know you'll be excited which is why I try to turn my editing around in around 7 days. 

If you want me to arrange a photobook for you then it'll take me a little longer, and you'll want to select the photos for the book. 

Just know that I operate as quickly as possible. 

Photography Packages

From a fairytale traditional church wedding to a contemporary outdoor festival theme, I will capture you at your best. All packages include two published photographers, and an engagement session.

There are three carefully crafted service packages to assist most budgets but all packages have the same simple, payment terms:

50% to book your slot, 50% required the day of the wedding.

That's it. Simply select a package and leave the rest to me!

Silver |

  • Bride/Bridesmaids Preparations.
  • Arrivals.
  • Ceremony.
  • Formal/Informal group shots.
  • Up to an hour Bride and groom Portraits.
  • Wedding ceremony and reception up to the first dance.

Gold |

  • Reception up to 4hrs
  • Bride/Bridesmaids Preparations.
  • Arrivals.
  • Ceremony.
  • Formal/Informal group shots.
  • Up to an hour Bride and groom.
  • Wedding ceremony and full reception.
  • Luxury 10" x 10" thirty-page Wedding Album.
  • High res online gallery and slideshow.

Platinum |

  • Cinemaphotographer coverage
  • Dress reception up to 4hrs
  • Bride/Bridesmaids preparations
  • Arrivals
  • Ceremony
  • Formal/Informal group shots
  • Up to an hour Bride and groom
  • Wedding ceremony and full reception
  • online gallery and slideshow
  • Luxury 12" x 8" thirty page Wedding Album
  • Two matching 6" x 4" parent albums
  • One 16" x 12" and two 8" x 10" professional prints of your choice
  • All images from day on USB in Luxury Presentation Case with 50 6" x 4" prints.

Investing in your most important day is the best investment you can ever make.

My Guarantee To You

When you go to the trouble to arrange your wedding, you want the confidence that even if something was to go wrong with the photography (and don't worry, it never has!) you won't have lost everything. 

That's why I prepare, twice. 

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Here is how I ensure that, no matter what, your day is secure.

  • I always bring 2 lots of everything. 2 cameras, 2 lots of cards, spare lenses, batteries, chargers, everything. 
  • I'm part of an 'inner circle' of photographers in which we help each other out in case someone is sick or has an emergency, or some equipment fails.   
  • I use cameras that let us capture photos onto 2 different memory cards. If one fails, there's a backup with no loss of quality. 
  • All photos after it's shot is backed up 3x in automatic processes. 

Ready To Book?

I'd be happy to photograph and share in your special day.
But first, you need to sign this proposal so we can reserve the date.

Your Next Steps:

1. fill in your information  

2. I'll email you to arrange a consultation call for the details of the day 

3. You make your 50% deposit and we await the day! 

Thanks in advance,


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