About Me

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”

— Ansel Adams



Hello! My name is Caleb Pickens and I'm an Austin born and raised photographer. I have a broad experience shooting weddings, engagements, restaurants, and photoshoots for small businesses. This has given me the opportunity to explore Austin and shoot all the amazing sights this city has to offer. I've also gotten to interact with so many interesting people and hone my ability to make people feel at ease so I can really bring out their true selves in my photos. 


Photography has been a longtime passion for me. I received my degree in fashion photography from Austin Community College and gained a ton of experience and knowledge while studying there. I've done shoots with nothing but a single light and camera, as well as worked in fully kitted out studios. I have a vast amount of technical knowledge from my experience using a wide variety of equipment. I enjoy my work immensely and take pride in knowing every photo I send to my clients is a quality product. 

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